• Workshop on illegally acquired property

    Network 23 held an expert workshop on dealing with the illegally acquired property benefit. Participants from the SPPO, the Ministry of Interior, judges and civil society organizations working in the area attended the workshop.See More
  • 69% of citizens are not aware of the existence of Free Legal Aid

    The Multikultura Association presented an analysis of the Law on Free Legal Aid (LFLA) and the effect of its application in practice. According to the results of the survey, 69% of the respondents are not aware that citizens can apply for free legal aid (FLA). Also, only 3% of the respondents know about the associations that are authorized to give FLA in their city.See More
  • Only two courts in Macedonia have toilets for people with disabilities

    28% of the courts stated that they do not have access ramps, or are not adequate to the needs of persons with disabilities. The internal adaptation of the courts for the needs of persons with disabilities is at an unsatisfactory level. The Open the Windows Association published its research on past experiences and initiatives to ensure accessibility and inclusiveness of the courts in Macedonia.See More
  • PACTIS: The Law for Determining Penalties violated the free judicial conviction

    According to PACTIS’ analysis, "the law completely violates the principle of individualization of the sentence. With the existence of legally objective criteria, given horizontal and vertical categories, the judge cannot determine the type of sanction and measure a sentence that he considers appropriate for the perpetrator of the crime and which will satisfy justice and the purpose of the punishment”.See More
  • Research: Who employs, the municipality or the party?

    The ZIP Institute research indicates that there are politically motivated employments at the local level. Most often, politically motivated employments are performed when a call is opened for a pre-selected person, or in the interviewing process, where party affiliates are graded much higher than others.See more