• The presentations from the screening process are now available on MERC

    The presentations from the explanatory screening process with the EU on Chapter 23 - judiciary and fundamental rights are now available on MERC.Read more
  • CSOs have called for the immediate selection and appointment of staff in several institutions and bodies

    The CSOs requested urgent election and appointment of staff in several institutions and bodies by the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues, and addressed written requests to all members of the Assembly.Read more


Regional dimension

Information and documents of regional dimension

See more about the regional dimension in the implementation of the reforms related to Chapter 23. This section contains several analyzes, documents, event reports, etc. which are related to the implementation of the reforms in the part of Chapter 23, and are of regional character or refer to the experiences and challenges of any of the other countries of the Western Balkans or EU member states from the region.

Implementation of judicial reforms

Status of implementation of judicial reforms

See the status of implementation of the results of the Strategy for Reform of the Judicial Sector 2017-2022 for 2018, 2019 and 2020, which contains indicators oriented towards the citizens and their interaction with the judiciary.By introducing citizen-oriented indicators for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Strategy, the project "Partnership Justice: Regaining Citizens' Trust" aims to promote the rule of law and encourage a greater focus on human rights in judicial institutions. The indicators measure the results of the Strategy for Reform of the Judicial sector for the period 2017-2022 through the prism of human rights and the effects on the citizens, as opposed to the overall work of the sector.

Network 23 members

Regarding the significance of Chapter 23 - Judiciary and Fundamental Rights and the EU accession process, MK – EU Resource Centre (MERC) was enabled. Once established, MERC 23 will present a unique monitoring and policy advocacy platform on the EU integration process in this policy area, used by the project network, but also by other users. In addition, it will serve as policy bridging initiative encompassing policy products of Network’s members after the finalization of the project, thus ensuring sustainability and presence.